Initial Offer For a Personal Injury Case

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Should I take the first settlement offer for my personal injury case?


Initial Offer For a Personal Injury CaseClients often come to us after they’ve already received some type of offer from the insurance company or a corporation after they’ve been injured. They ask us, “Should I take this offer?” Almost 100 percent of the time, we tell them that absolutely not. These large corporations and the insurance companies often make low-ball and unfair offers to people to try to get them to settle quickly and just take the money, and sign a release that prevents them from ever pursuing that claim further. Very rarely is that first offer a good offer or a fair offer.

Most of the time, we’ll assess all the facts and we’ll look at everything before we give that analysis or opinion. Almost universally, the first offer is rarely a good offer and almost never should it be accepted. Most importantly, we recommend before signing anything or agreeing into anything, you consult with a lawyer to get their advice and their opinion before you make any decision.

All consultations with us are free. If you decide to take that settlement offer, we would never charge for that. When we’re asked that question, we can almost universally say, “Speak with us first. Let us look at everything and then we’ll give you our analysis.” The first offer is almost never a good offer and we rarely recommend that you take it.

If you have any questions about this or any other issue within your personal injury case, please contact us. We’d be happy to help you.

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