Initial Offer For a Bus Accident Injury

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Should I accept the first settlement offer for my bus accident case?


Initial Offer For a Bus Accident InjuryThe other day we had a client that came to us after she had been involved in a bus accident and wanted to know whether or not it was a good idea to take the insurance company’s offer. Almost universally, without knowing much, we tell any client that it’s almost never a good idea to take the insurance company’s first offer, especially after a serious bus accident.

Insurance companies typically try to get a lowball, early, quick settlement by getting the clients to sign a release so that they can’t pursue their case very early on in the case. What we advised this client and all clients is to let us assess the nature of the case. Let us understand exactly how it happened, look at the injuries, and after doing so we can advise them more fully whether or not that first offer was a fair or good offer. The first offer is almost never a full and fair offer that should be taken immediately after a bus accident.

If you have any questions about any offer you received or any injuries you have and what you should do following a bus accident here in Orlando, please contact us. We’d love to help you.

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