Going to Trial For a Personal Injury

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Will my personal injury case go to trial?


Going to Trial For a Personal InjuryThe other day, we were asked by a client whether or not his personal injury case would go to trial in Orlando. At that early stage, we could not tell him. We explained to him that just statistically, most cases are resolved outside of a jury trial. Some cases go, some no. We can never predict. What we do is we prepare every case as if it was going to go to trial. If it does, we’ll be prepared and we can make sure we do our best for our clients.

Whether or not a case goes to a jury trial depends on so many factors: how much our clients want, how much the insurance company or corporation is offering, and whether or not we could actually get that case settled without having to go to a jury trial. At the outset, it’s impossible to say whether or not any case will actually end up going to a jury trial. Statistically, most cases settle before having to take that step.

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