Expert Witnesses in a Personal Injury Case

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What is the role of expert witnesses in a personal injury case?


We were asked by a client recently what the role of an expert witnesses was in her case in Orlando. We explained to her that expert witnesses provide testimony in many different areas to help the jury understand sometimes what can be complicated subjects. Expert witnesses can come in the form of doctors. They can be treating physicians or doctors that are hired specifically for that case. They can be accident reconstruction experts, engineers that come in to help the jury understand exactly how a particular crash happened. Expert witnesses can be economists that help the jury understand the economic loss someone’s had after an incident or an accident occurs.

Expert Witnesses in a Personal Injury CaseExpert witnesses, in general, play a role helping the jury understand sometimes complicated subjects. They also help the plaintiff meet their burden of proof: having the jury understand the extent of injuries, the nature of the injuries, whether or not those injuries are permanent, how much medical treatment will be needed in the future.

Expert witnesses are essential in personal injury cases. They’re in every single case that we bring. The experts that are involved just differ by the type of case. Some cases will have one expert. Other cases may have five experts. It just depends.

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