Common Pedestrian Accident Case Mistakes

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What are some common mistakes people make during a pedestrian accident case?


Common Pedestrian Accident Case Mistakes There are several common mistakes that we see people make over and over after they’ve been involved in an accident and injured as a pedestrian. One of the first things that we see people fail to do is seek medical treatment right away. It’s very important, if you’ve been injured as a pedestrian, you seek medical treatment. The reason is, one, it’s important to know the extent and severity of your injuries. Two, it’s very important that your injuries are documented medically right away. Three, it’s going to give you peace of mind. You’re going to know what’s going on, know the extent of your injuries, and start to begin the road to recovery.

Another mistake we see people commonly make is hiring the wrong lawyer. There are many lawyers out there that do not specialize or focus on personal injury. There are many lawyers out there that are afraid to go to trial and have no trial experience. It’s important that you hire an experienced trial lawyer if you’ve been injured as a pedestrian.

Another common mistake we see is people failing to document the scene of what’s happened and what’s around them. Oftentimes, their injuries are too severe and that’s not even possible; if they’re able, however, it’s important to document the scene after you’ve been injured as a pedestrian. The last common mistake we see people make is posting things on social media relative to their injuries and the accident, after they’ve been injured as a pedestrian. Very, very rarely do any of those social media posts help their case. More often than not, it’s very detrimental and hurts their case.

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