Common Mistakes in a Truck Accident Case

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What common mistakes do people make during their truck accident cases?


Common Mistakes in a Truck Accident CaseUnfortunately, there are many common mistakes we see people make after they’ve been injured in a commercial truck accident here in Orlando. The biggest mistake we see people make is hiring the wrong lawyer. Commercial truck accident cases not only typically involve traumatic and significant injuries, but they involve unique facts, unique laws, and specific issues that are unique to trucking cases. If you hire a lawyer that doesn’t have experience with trucking cases and is not familiar with those issues, it can make the difference between you recovering any money at all and getting a large compensation or large jury award. It’s important that when you have a truck accident you hire a lawyer that has experience in those types of cases so that they have effective representation.

Another mistake we see people sometimes make is not seeking medical treatment right away. It’s very important to not only seek medical treatment right away when you’ve been injured but to be consistent with your medical treatment, not only so you can get better and get back to recovery, but also so that your injuries and the symptoms and problems you’re having can be documented by the doctors to show exactly what you’re suffering from and what you’re going through.

Another common mistake we see people make after truck accidents is not documenting the scene. Oftentimes, people are too injured and they can’t do it themselves. That’s why it’s important that they hire a lawyer with experience in those types of cases, immediately so that they can get out there and get either an investigator or their response team to document the scene immediately. Often, that evidence is crucial and key in trucking accidents.

Another common mistake we see people make after these commercial truck accident cases is posting things on social media that might be used against them or are detrimental to their case later down the line. We always recommend that you just stay off social media after a truck accident and definitely don’t post anything about the accident because, unfortunately, many times that can be used against you.

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