All events that result in an injury are serious matters. However, among the harshest examples are those that result in paralysis. Paralysis severely limits a person’s ability to live life, earn a living to support their family, and return to their preferred lifestyle. Regardless of how the incident occurs, affected people always bear the burden of proving that another party is responsible.

A Cocoa paralysis injury lawyer can take the lead in demonstrating these concepts. They can work to gather evidence about the incident, tie that evidence to the actions of others, measure how the event has changed your life, and demand fair payments through insurance settlements or lawsuits. At Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law, our caring catastrophic injury attorneys possess the experience needed to fight back against insurance companies and obtain the compensation that you deserve. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

Establishing Liability for Paralysis Injuries

Paralysis can result from a collection of incidents that could occur at almost any time. Common sources of these injuries include:

Each of these scenarios can cause severe damage to a person’s spinal cord. This bundle of nerves transmits electrical signals from the brain to a person’s appendages. Interruptions to these signals cause a person to lose control over body parts like the legs, arms, or both. Paralysis can also result from direct damage to an affected body part or even brain injuries.

Proving fault for the incident that resulted in paralysis is one of the ways in which a Cocoa attorney can help. We are ready to take every necessary step to obtain evidence concerning the incident and use that evidence to build powerful cases against drivers, landowners, medical professionals, or product manufacturers.

Seeking Fair Compensation

Paralysis injuries are examples of catastrophic losses. This means that a victim will never fully recover from the incident and will deal with the fallout from the event for the rest of their lives. This includes seeking out all necessary medical treatment. Even if a person reaches a state of relative stability, constant nursing care may still be necessary, as well as equipment needed for mobility.

However, incidents involving paralysis will also impact a person’s life in other ways. They will never be able to enjoy their lives the same way they did before the event. These reductions in quality of life justify a demand for compensation just as much as physical losses. In addition, victims can demand that at-fault parties provide reimbursement for all lost wages due to being unable to keep a job.

A Cocoa paralysis injury attorney can help measure how an event has changed a person’s life and demand proper compensation. Our legal team also strives to take this action within the applicable statute of limitations. Under Florida Statute § 95.11, most people have only four years from the date of an injury to seek out payments.

Contact a Cocoa Paralysis Injury Attorney for Help Recovering for Your Losses

Paralysis can occur under a variety of circumstances. In addition, these life-altering injuries can affect your physical health, emotional stability, and ability to support yourself and your family. Even so, it is only when you can prove that another party caused the injury that you can collect the compensation that you need to set things right.

Let a Cocoa paralysis injury lawyer fight for you. Our attorneys can work to evaluate the facts of your case, determine how the event has changed your life, and demand that all liable parties provide fair compensation. You do not have to worry about incurring expensive fees, as our firm does not charge you unless we successfully recover payment on your behalf. Reach out today to get started.

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