Burns are serious injuries that have the potential to change many parts of your life. Not only can they be physically debilitating and result in disfiguring scars, but they can also devastate your psychological well-being or leave you unable to support yourself or your family.

Fortunately, it is possible to obtain compensation from those at fault for your injuries and damages. This is a much easier task with the guidance of a compassionate catastrophic injury attorney.

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Common Causes of Burns

Burns are surprisingly common consequences of many accidents and acts of violence that result in injuries. They most commonly result from exposure to extreme heat. This can be the product of a car accident where a vehicle catches on fire or a malfunctioning stove or oven.

Burns can also occur in unexpected ways. For example, exposure to harsh chemicals while visiting a construction site can result in damaged skin or tissue. Additionally, friction burns from sliding on the pavement after a bicycle collision or radiation exposure from a hospital’s negligence can also result in burn injuries. Our Cocoa attorneys diligently investigate the causes of a burn to hold at-fault parties responsible.

The Impacts of Burn Injuries

Burns are classified into three levels of severity: first, second, and third-degree. These classifications reasonably measure the extent of a person’s losses and their potentially available compensation.


First-degree burns are the least serious. These result in damage to only the topmost layer of skin. Doctors often treat these injuries with bandages and topical creams.


Second-degree burns are more serious. Here, the burn destroys the upper layer of the skin and may affect nerves or muscles. Treatment may involve surgery to graft on new skin and repair underlying damage.


Third-degree burns are the most severe classification of burns. These involve the destruction of the affected area. Treatment is often impossible and could result in amputation of the burned location. In many cases, these are catastrophic injuries from which a person never fully recovers. The demands for compensation that a Cocoa burn injury attorney pursues will reflect the severity of the events.

What if a Burn Victim Shares the Blame for Their Injuries?

Just because a person suffers a serious burn does not mean that another person or company is automatically to blame. State law allows defendants in these cases to argue that a victim did not take proper steps to protect themselves. The legal concept called pure comparative negligence means that a court must examine the actions of all people involved in an accident.

Under Florida Statute § 768.615, the court will reduce its award by the percentage of blame assigned to the injured person. For example, if the settlement amount is $100,000, but the individual is found to be 20 percent at fault for their damages, the awarded amount would be $80,000. A tenacious Cocoa attorney is not afraid to fight back against allegations of shared blame that arise in a burn injury case.

Contact a Cocoa Burn Injury Attorney for Help Pursuing Compensation

Burns can occur in various ways and result in differing levels of injuries. No matter how severe your injury is or how substantially it impacted your life, you will need to prove that it was another person’s fault to receive compensation for your losses. This can be a complicated matter. Thankfully, a trusted Cocoa burn injury lawyer is here to help.

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