Car Accident Insurance Investigation

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Should I talk to the insurance company after being injured in a car accident?


Car Accident Insurance InvestigationWe’re asked quite often whether or not someone should speak to the insurance company after a car accident in Orlando, and the answer is 100 percent, no, not until you speak to an attorney and let them give you advice and guidance relative to that. Oftentimes, the insurance companies are going to call someone right after an accident, and try to get a recorded statement that they can use to their benefit later on. It is never a good idea to speak to them, and it’s especially never a good idea to speak to them without letting your attorney know that they’ve called you.

There are some cases where you have to speak to the insurance company, but that’s done with the attorney present, under the parameters that the attorney sets forth, to make sure they’re not doing anything improper. Never speak to the insurance company without consulting with a lawyer, and especially never sign anything or let them record anything you say without consulting with a lawyer.

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