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What should I do if a bus hit my car and caused my injuries?


Bus Accident Injury CasesWe recently had a client come to us who had been hit by a bus that hit her car here in Orlando. She was injured and wanted to know what the next steps were that she should take. We explained to her that it’s very important, one, that she seeks medical treatment so that the nature and extent of her injuries and the problems she was having could be fully documented and assessed and so she could get the medical treatment she needed to get on the road to recovery.

Next thing that we recommended to her was to not speak to the bus company or its representatives. We also told her not to sign anything, and not to give any statements to them because most of the time what they’re trying to do is to their benefit and not hers. The next thing we recommended to her is that she hire a lawyer, whether it was us or another lawyer. We recommended that she retain a lawyer because she is going to need guidance and legal representation, and she’s going to need a lawyer to get her full and fair compensation for everything that she had not only been through already, but that she was probably going to go through for the rest of her life.

We also recommended that she continue to document what was going on with her – the problems she was having, the pain and issues she was experiencing each day – because later down the line, if the case were to go into litigation and we had to file a lawsuit, she could use that to help the insurance company, help the defense attorneys, and, at the end of the day, help a jury, if needed, understand exactly everything she had been through.

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