Car Accident Claim Tips

Car Accident Claim Tips

Are you looking for car accident claim tips that can help you give yourself the best chance at success? Our car accident lawyers are here to help you get through your case, but there are several things that you should know as soon as possible as to have the best chance at justice. Give this a read, then give us a call and set up your free first consultation.

Feeling powerless is a very common emotion among victims of accidents. It might feel frustrating to have been involved in something so horrible due to the carelessness of another driver on the road. We want you to know that you do have some power in the situation. There are things that you can do to strengthen your case, as well as things that we want you to avoid doing to prevent you from weakening your case.

Here are three things you should know about car accident claims in order to help ensure a successful claim:

  1. Don’t admit guilt. After a car accident, a lot of people want to get out of their vehicle if they can and talk to the other people involved. It’s natural to be apologetic and sympathetic, but we strongly encourage you from saying it was your fault. You likely have a lot of adrenaline running through your veins and you might not see the situation clearly for what it was. If you say at that moment that it was your fault but our investigation down the line shows that it was not your fault, that can harm your case and prevent you from getting justice.
  2. Seek immediate medical attention. Your injuries are probably pretty serious, and getting to a doctor is going to be essential for your well-being. If you delay seeking medical attention, you’re only going to harm yourself. Whether you delay because you have a family to take care of or you wanted to wait and see if your injuries got better, it’s not a good idea. As soon as you are finished at the scene of the accident, you should get yourself to an urgent care or an emergency room. If you delay and the insurance company is looking for excuses to devalue your claim, they’re going to say that the delay indicates you are lying about the severity of your injuries.
  3. Do not speak to the insurance company about the details of your claim. The only information the insurance company needs is your name, the fact that you were involved in the accident, and possibly your insurance information. They are going to be reaching out to you as quickly as they can to get a statement from you. This statement is not going to help you get justice. It is designed to help them devalue your claim by getting you to say something that incriminates yourself.

When you have been hurt and need more information about these car accident claim tips, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and set up your free first consultation with one of our car accident lawyers.

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