Benefits Available In A Wrongful Death Case

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What benefits can be obtained in a wrongful death case?


Benefits Available in a Wrongful Death Case One of my clients recently asked me, “What are the benefits that can be obtained through a wrongful death claim?” The answer here in Orlando, and in Florida, is that there are numerous damages and benefits that can be obtained – net accumulations, which is the loss of the income and the accumulation of wealth that someone would have developed over their lifetime; the loss of future earnings; the loss of companionship; and, things that the family would have experienced had that person lived the full extent of their life.

It’s very important that you hire a knowledgeable lawyer that can truly evaluate the case in these circumstances because to truly evaluate these numbers, experts should be hired. You need an economist and someone to look at past wages, future wages, their life expectancy. All of these things go into the benefits and damages that have impacted the family. That’s why it’s extremely important to hire a knowledgeable trial lawyer.

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